room Carmine

The red room is a comfortable double bedroom.

You sleep on one of the two single boxsprings with lovely firm mattresses.
When you sleep in B&B de Giechelaar you can sleep underneath Egyptian cotton.
On both sides of the bed are pedestal cupboards with a touch night lamp.
You don’t need to search for the switch in the dark en you can choose from three different strengths of light. In the room you will find coat hooks and a cabinet for you clothes and bags.
The dormer has a screen, a darkening curtain and a tasteful curtain. There is another window too, but also this window has a curtain.

Room Carmine borders on your private bathroom with good ventilation and heating.
In here is a luxury toilet and a shower with a thermostat tap and a board for your shower gels.
Naturally you can use our present shower gels and shampoo. Our thick towels, face cloths and
soft bathrobe are hanging ready for you. Next to the sink is some space for your own stuff.

Room Carmine borders also on the lounge.
This room is exclusive for you. In here you can relax with TV, music, a game, a book or just a genuine conversation. In the lounge there even is the possibility to make your own coffee and tea for free. There’s also a minibar. If you choose something from here, we charge you a little compensation.